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Well Done Dr Patel Posted on 14 Jun 2016

My hero! Mum thanks diligent GP for saving her life after spotting bleed on the brain

Dr N Patel has been has been praised for saving a woman's life after she suffered a bleed on the brain.

One of our patients, who suffers from frequent migraines, developed a severe headache one evening she thought strong painkillers would deal with it.

She called her GP at the Ashingdon Medical Centre, in Lascelles Gardens, Ashingdon, just as the surgery was closing for the day.

Instead of being told to call back the next day or go to a pharmacy, Dr Patel asked for the patient to come to the surgery for an emergency appointment.

Once Dr Patel saw the patient he referred the patient immedicately to Southend Hospital of where the patient was then sent to Queens Hospital Romford

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